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6 days ago

Can You Eat Too Much Fiber?

Today’s topic was proposed by Lisa, who called in on the Nutrition Diva Listener line with this great question: "Hey Monica, I have a question about whether too much fiber causes nutrient deficiencies. I read that an excessive amount of fiber bind...

1 week ago

Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs

These tasty and easy to make Fresh Herb Deviled Eggs are perfect for your next get-together, or even a quick lunch. These are not your typical boring deviled eggs. The dish you most likely have seen passed around at weddings or dinner parties, with &...

1 week ago

Simple BBQ Eats + Summer Life Update

Hi again, in what feels like it’s been forever since I last shared the latest and greatest [yes, I consider Mother’s Day in rehab to be great in its own right]. Fast forward to now, and I’m just returning from my THIRD stint in treatment [Sanford Hou...

2 weeks ago

Dairy-Free Banana Pudding

Love traditional banana pudding? You’re going to love this simple dairy-free version. I was at a family get-together recently, and when it came time for dessert someone unveiled their homemade contribution, a big bowl of creamy banana pudding!...

3 weeks ago

Minty Spring Pea Dip

In the mood for a seasonal snack that’s great any time? Try this Minty Spring Pea Dip. If you’re looking for a quick, simple, delicious, and light dip to make on the weekends, this is a great one to add to your spring rotation. Peas, like...